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Thread: How to enable 16 cpu support

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    How to enable 16 cpu support

    Just bought the reference package v14.0 specifically for the '16cpu support', and the 'force multi cpu encoding ' DSP only allows me to select 4 cores.

    I have 6 (AMD 1090T six-core). Am I missing something ? The product is worth it anyway, but I'd like to use my full 6 cores.

    Edited because I'm an idiot. Dbpoweramp already does this. no need for the force cpu function.

    Sorry to take up your webspace, But I'll leave my post in case someone else is to lazy to try and encode something first, before whining on the forums. Like I just did.
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    Re: How to enable 16 cpu support

    If you needed to use the DSP (certain lossless audio formats are limited to one cpu as the bottle neck is the HDD, but it can be forced):


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