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  • ObiouslyBad
    started a topic OGG woes Unable to use codec

    OGG woes Unable to use codec

    I have one album of audio files using the ogg format. I ripped to this format years ago through ubuntu and haven't had a reason for converting them until recently when my phone was unable to play ogg format. I've had a copy of dBpoweramp R14 kicking around for a little while and I tried to convert....
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  • seemingly
    started a topic Unable to install dMC R16.6 Reference Registered

    Unable to install dMC R16.6 Reference Registered

    I just upgraded from dMC R13.5 Ref. to R16.6 Ref.
    I am unable to get R16.6 to install.
    [dMC-R16.6-Ref-Registered.exe (35,430,640 bytes)]
    Each attempt goes from a pop-up saying:
    Processing Installer"
    to two Windows pop-ups saying:...
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  • Win 7 Explorer MP3 tags gondy after install/remove DMC trial

    Dear support,

    I made a terrible mistake of installing the trial version of dmc on my Win7 laptop. As it turns out, this is a gift that keeps on giving...I uninstalled it and combed through the registry and removed all traces. Yet, I cannot get Windows Explorer to display MP3 tags which...
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  • hjsch
    started a topic Batch dmc and cover

    Batch dmc and cover

    I'm using dmc with VB6 for reading id-tags.
    I don't see the cover-tag. Can I read the cover and store it in a file?
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  • swerner
    started a topic ID Tag Processing

    ID Tag Processing


    in order to get my ratings of my flac-files into iTunes I copy while converting to m4a the rating-tag into the comment-tag using the ID Tag Processing feature map.

    The strange thing is, that after converting the comment value is twice the rating value, e.g. 80 ->...
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  • 21-day trial won't convert to the free version!

    I don't know if it's an issue with my PC, or if I'm just missing a step. My 21-day free trial is over, but the program didn't convert to the free version. It just keeps telling me the trial is over and won't convert any more files. Help?

    I did try uninstalling and reinstalling the program,...
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  • FLAC -> MP3: How do I get "Track" instead of "Track/Track_Total"?

    I want to have the "Track" field in all my files show as "1", "2", "10" etc rather than "1/11", "2/11", "10/11" etc. dBpoweramp does exactly what I want when ripping CDs to FLAC (according to mp3tag and Squeezebox Server).
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  • siko
    started a topic "Examinig source & overwrite check" takes too long

    "Examinig source & overwrite check" takes too long

    For some reason, dMC takes forever to do the step "Examinig source & overwrite check" when converting from a network disc to a local folder.

    From sources: Z:\ *.m4a, *.flac
    2000 files
    Dynamic folder with
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  • Flac to WMA Lossless Results in Errors on Every Attempted track.

    Not sure what's going on here, but I've tried to convert two complete albums and every track reports a failed verification. I'm completely new to converting flac to anything, and haven't done much since ripping cds to mp3 via cdex and the mad decoder back in the napster days, so any help or direction...
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  • PCPete
    started a topic Feedback on a big dMC session

    Feedback on a big dMC session

    I've just spent 5 days converting our wav library to HE-AAC (M4A), using dMC.

    I wanted to feed back my thoughts on the conversion publically.

    First, the good news:

    dMC correctly converted 10,341 tracks in PCM (44.1k/16-bit) WAVE format to M4A (400kbps HE-AAC)...
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  • Salem874
    started a topic AccurateRip Question

    AccurateRip Question


    Just have a question regarding AccurateRip.

    Will dMC store the AccurateRipDiscID it generates when ripping a CD and any results it gets even before my drive has been "verified" using key disc(s)? I'm asking because i'm wondering if, once it's been "verified"...
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