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Thread: get AccurateRip configuration to complete?

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    Nov 2011

    Exclamation get AccurateRip configuration to complete?

    Just got dBpoweramp. Every time I start dBpoweramp it wants to configure AccurateRip using the current CD. I tell it to go ahead and the mouse cursor turns into the blue busy circle. And that's the last I ever hear from dBpoweramp. Windows says "Not Responding" and there is no terminating the program. Event the task manager can't stop it. It isn't using any CPU so I don't know what it is doing. When I try to shutdown or reboot Windows gets to the "Shutting down" message and never gets past it. I've tried starting it with no CD in the drive, it then wants one so I give it one, and away it goes again.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: get AccurateRip configuration to complete?

    It is likely that dbpoweramp is unable to rip from the drive, click cancel the try ripping a cd.

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