Hi guys,

you are doing great job!!! Without it I don't know how can I manage my music library and convert my music to different formats for different devices. Thanx a lot!

I have 2 wishes:

1) to create better "source & overwrite check". I'm usually converting from one disk to other, so there is no risk to overwrite source file, but when I'm starting conversion of my library (11k+ songs), it takes a huge amount of time to check every file. You can check it simply by source & target directory (I'm using dynamic mode with origpath\origfilename setting). I understand, that ther options in dynamic mode are more complicated, but this is quite straitforward.

2) I have new iCore7 CPU with 4 physical cores and 8 logical cores. Can you upgrade MultiCPU plugin to support more cores thand 4. It seems, that 8+ core will be quite common soon. This upgrade shoud be very easy I think and for people that has this new multicore computers it will be big performance improvement.

and 1 dream wish: Do you think about using graphical core of latest graphics card? It has massive computing power and I think that it can be used for music compression as well.

Thanx a lot and bye,