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Thread: Problems with Rip-As-One

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    Problems with Rip-As-One

    Hello all, would appreciate some pointers if anybody as one...

    I'm trying to create a single ouput file (.mp3) from two separate files (also .mp3's). I understand this is only possible with dbPowerAmp with CDRipper - in other words, I need to burn a CD with these files on it, then re-rip from the CD (I originally downloaded these files from eMusic, if it matters - point being that I didn't have a copy on disc originally).

    So - I've burned two separate CD-Rs (one with CDWriter, one with iTunes). Both files show up with correct time frames (6:33 in total). Click the "Rip as 1" button, LAME v0 conversion selected. It claims to have created a file of 6:33 length. However, the output file is only 4:42 length - it has cut off 2 minutes or whatever.

    One CD-R has other files on it. One CD-R has only these two files on it. Both CD-Rs play fine on other CD players as well as on the computer, in multiple programs.

    What else can I try? Or what am I doing wrong??? :(


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    Re: Problems with Rip-As-One

    Make sure you have no DSP effects, such as set length. When selecting the tracks in Rip as one, is the total length correct?

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    Re: Problems with Rip-As-One

    Spoon, you are truly "da man"...

    I'm an idiot - totally forgot I set the Grabber DSP. Also now realized I've screwed up several other longer tracks, just didn't notice before.

    Thanks for your patience!:komisch12

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