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Thread: I am a moron.

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    I am a moron.

    Can someone please explain in simple, single syllable words why when I rip a cd to my portable harddrive in Wave, I loose the artist and album info?

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    Re: I am a moron.

    because the program you are using to play the wave file does not support the ID Tags we write to wave?

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    Re: I am a moron.

    Yes. Why not use a lossless format that has standard tagging. FLAC is my recommendation.

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    Re: I am a moron.

    If I use Wave to rip the cd, I can play the music but the artist and album are unknown. If I use Apple Lossless the Artist and album are known but the music wont play.
    FLAC wont play on my player.

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    Re: I am a moron.

    Maybe I should mention that I am trying to use the hard drive on the Sync system in my truck.

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    Re: I am a moron.

    t is possible that the sync system does not support any id tags for any lossless format, only filenames.

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