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Thread: cda files on local drive

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    cda files on local drive

    I'm working on a application for ripping cd's in C-sharp. To get over the limitation in dbPowerAmp of ripping from a CD-R over a network, I am trying to copy the files from the CD to a local directory. The files copy as .cda and I'm getting an error from dbPowerAmp that it will only work with .cda files on a CD.

    Does anyone have any ideas or a solution?


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    Re: cda files on local drive

    Nothing can rip then because the files you have copies are 2KB where as an audio track is 30,000KB

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    Re: cda files on local drive

    Thank you for your quick reply. Do you have any suggestions for me? I'm not sure what else to try if I can't rip cd's off a network drive. I have tried mapping the drive as well and that gives the same error.


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    Re: cda files on local drive

    .CDA "files" are just bookmarks/shortcuts/links to tracks on an audio CD. Copying them is pointless.

    I believe there are driver issues associated with ripping CDs off a non-local drive.

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