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dBpoweramp for Mac R17.5 beta

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  • PeterP
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    • Jul 2011
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    dBpoweramp for Mac R17.5 beta

    Current version: R17.5 beta 15



    Changes since R17.4:
    • CD Ripper: Fixed rare crash when ejecting CD.
    • CD Ripper: Fixed wrong album art shown after manual meta search.
    • Re-added missing fields in ID Tag Processing.
    • Improved ReplayGain scanning performance.
    • Improved resampling performance.
    • Fixed incorrect info fed to [Audio Info] utility codec, current dBpoweramp version was shown as the encoding tool for some files.

    Changes in beta 2:
    • Fixed blank content of "Compression" column in Batch Converter.

    Changes in beta 3:
    • CD Ripper: Added debug logging of Manual Meta Search.

    Changes in beta 4:
    • Removed obsolete TrackType metadata provider.
    • Fixed bugs with MusicBrainz and Discogs meta lookup over proxy.
    • Mac system proxy (HTTP proxy only) settings are now respected if not specifically configured to access the internet over proxy.

    Changes in beta 5:
    • Fixed poor performance of Volume Normalize effect in "Adaptive: peak to peak" mode.
    • Changed proxy server detection to be consistent with Windows dBpoweramp: button to copy system proxy settings.

    Changes in beta 6:
    • Added writing of seek tables to encoded FLAC files.

    Changes in beta 7:
    • Increased open file handle limit to mitigate possible bad behavior with large conversion batches or multiple concurrent conversions.
    • Added debug code to troubleshoot problems with saving of external album covers. Additional info lines will be shown in ripping log.

    Changes in beta 8:
    • Prevented certain DSPs from being added more than once.
    • Remove newly added DSP if dismissed its settings dialog with an esc key.
    • Can now copy messages with cmd+c in conversion info/error log window.
    • Made possible to reorder DSPs with drag&drop.

    Changes in beta 9:
    • Cleaned up overwrite prompt dialog, allowed multi selection, changed 'overwrite' button title depending on whether file name conflicts still exist.

    Changes in beta 10:
    • Can now open files (or folders in Batch Converter) by dragging them from Finder into dBpoweramp launcher window.

    Changes in beta 11:
    • CD Ripper: fixed CD gap info not being fed to remove gaps DSP.
    • CD Ripper: fixed blank "Track Technical" column (now shows info where appropriate, such as HDCD or pre-emphasis).
    • CD Ripper: added "Gap (Pre-Track)" column.

    Changes in beta 12:
    • Added option not to save file selection with Batch Converter profiles.

    Changes in beta 13:
    • Fixed incorrect behaviors of Edit ID Tags with album art in some scenarios.
    • Added explicit fix for back slashes in file naming patterns; file naming patterns copied from Windows should work properly now.

    Changes in beta 14:
    • CD Ripper: Now using gnudb.org as freedb data provider. Enabled freedb submission feature.
    • CD Ripper: Discogs bug fixes.
    • Fixed decoding of DSD512.
    • Updated FDK AAC to 2.0.2.
    • M4A tags: Lyricist no longer written as @aut as nothing uses that.
    • Updated ANSI file naming sanitization rules.

    Changes in beta 15:
    • Fixed crash when encoding WAVE files on Apple Silicon CPU.
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