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dBpoweramp R16 for Mac OS X beta

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  • PeterP
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    • Jul 2011
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    dBpoweramp R16 for Mac OS X beta

    Current version: R16 beta 23


    Change log since R15:
    • Added support for Apple AAC encoder
    • Added Monkey's Audio codec
    • Reworked Album Art downloader, can now enter keywords manually
    • Removed obsolete AMG metadata provider, now using Discogs instead
    • Refreshed ID Tag editor dialog, added auto complete
    • M4A handling fixes
    • Updated Volume Normalize DSP
    • Updated ID Tag Processing DSP
    • Updated ReplayGain DSP
    • Added HDCD DSP
    • Added Finder right-click menu for "convert with dBpoweramp" on folders
    • Refreshed Ripper user interface
    • Refershed file naming picker user interface
    • Refreshed Batch Converter user interface
    • Ripper can now preview (play) the audio CD tracks
    • Ripper can now rip CD as one file
    • Ripper can now rip to ._ files and rename upon completion
    • Ripper can now eject after ripping successfully
    • AIFF files now saved as .AIFF not .AIF
    • Correct metadata sources (Sonata instead of GD3) now shown for Classical music
    • Implemented utility codecs: Arrange Audio, Audio Info, Calculate Audio CRC, Channel Split, ID Tag Update, Length Split, ReplayGain, Tag From Filename.
    • Refreshed Configuration dialog user interface.
    • New simplified output location picker in Converter & Multi Converter.

    Changes in beta 11
    • Implemented utility codecs: Arrange Audio, Audio Info, Calculate Audio CRC, Channel Split, ID Tag Update, Length Split, ReplayGain, Tag From Filename.
    • Bug fixes.

    Changes in beta 12
    • Utility codec bug fixes.
    • Configuration dialog appearance reworked.

    Changes in beta 13
    • CD Ripper: Fixed a bug causing tags not to be written in certain conditions
    • CD Ripper: Fixed a bug causing track numbers to be missing right after online metadata retrieval

    Changes in beta 14
    • Fixed various window position remembering misbehaviors.
    • Batch Converter column layout now remembered.
    • Batch Converter fixed left pane not refreshing correctly with loaded file tags in certain scenarios.
    • CD Ripper "title" and "artist" columns stay invisible if removed by user (until enabled manually).
    • CD Ripper fixed meta lookup not automatically starting after AccurateRip has been autoconfigured for a new drive (affects mainly first run of the app).

    Changes in beta 15
    • CD Ripper corrected beta 14 regression rendering meta review window unusable

    Changes in beta 16
    • Fixed mishandling of slash characters in M4A tags
    • CD Ripper: Can now import album art by drag & drop
    • CD Ripper: Fixed bugs related to album art URL paste
    • Updated libFLAC to 1.3.2

    Changes in beta 17
    • CD Ripper: Fixed nonsensical output filenames with certain Multi Encoder configs, in particular when upgrading from R15
    • CD Ripper: Metadata lookup progress is again shown and cancellable.

    Changes in beta 18
    • Cosmetic tweaks, removed square borders around some buttons.
    • Fixed DSP list glitch.
    • Made various lists (DSP list, file naming options, etc) appear in alphabetic order.
    • CD Ripper: Added classical-music-specific fields to the top bar - they appear when genre is either 'classical' or 'opera'.
    • WAVE encoder: Added more sample rates.
    • Resampler DSP updated.

    Changes in beta 19
    • Implemented new output location picker as seen in the Windows counterpart
    • Bug fixes

    Changes in beta 20
    • New location picker bug fixes

    Changes in beta 21
    • Fixed CD Ripper meta review dialog header buttons not always working.
    • Added OK-Cancel-ism to Multi Encoder configuration.
    • Fixed long filename handling bugs.

    Changes in beta 22
    • Further fixes to long filename handling.
      Should now reliably truncate long filenames containing Unicode characters to lengths accepted by HFS+.

    Changes in beta 23
    • Added HDCD DSP.
    • Various codec fixes merged from Windows.

    Known issues:
    • Scanning CD-ISRC codes may take a long time with certain discs - and stall the user interface.
      This feature is disabled by default.
      If you experience CD Ripper window freezing for several seconds when loading a new disc, make sure that it CD-ISRC reading is disabled.

    Please direct all discussions relating to this beta here: https://forum.dbpoweramp.com/showthr...sions&p=168546
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  • Spoon
    • Apr 2002
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    Re: dBpoweramp R16 for Mac OS X beta

    Now Released