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How do I manage and sync my Playlists.

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  • nygren
    • Sep 2023
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    How do I manage and sync my Playlists.


    I keep all my music in a root folder and which I mirror to the various applications or devices I choose to listen to my music. I am looking for an app to manage my playlists. The paths are different to wherever I listen to my music so I need to know what you use to sync and manage this. Thank you!
  • nygren
    • Sep 2023
    • 5

    Re: How do I manage and sync my Playlists.

    Originally posted by simbun
    As long as you use relative paths in your playlist you should be fine.

    Playlist Creator and MusicBee are decent options for playlist creation/management.
    The relative path info is interesting but I need to be able to import an m3u or other playlist file and make the conversions? Thanks!