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Can't edit ID tags on windows 10

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  • mfinney
    • Nov 2013
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    Can't edit ID tags on windows 10

    Have installed dbRefMusic 2023-06-26 (latest version)on windows 10, rebooted but I can't get dbPowerAmp right click working in explorer to view / edit ID tags.

    I then uninstalled, ran your reset tool (as Administrator). Rebooted, reinstalled, rebooted. But still no right-click menu appears with the Tag Edit option in explorer. In fact there is no dBPowerAmp right-click menu appearing at all. And then I repeated with Windows Security switched off.

    All right-click options are selected in the Advanced Settings Configuration tab, so I should be seeing something surely.

    Can anyone help with this. I've been using dbPowerAmp for many years, but not in the last 2 years on Windows.

    PS. I have tag editing working on my Mac. But the tag info displayed is more limited compared with the windows version I used to use a couple of years ago.
  • mfinney
    • Nov 2013
    • 2

    Re: Can't edit ID tags on windows 10

    Actually, new info. It is working, but obviously not on some old legacy iTunes AAC (protected) files from 2007. Apologies for wasting anyone's time!