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create m3u playlist for each individual album, I forgot to while ripping.

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  • rjxox
    • May 2024
    • 3

    create m3u playlist for each individual album, I forgot to while ripping.


    I'm new to dbpoweramp and i just used it to rip 200 of my CD's. I forgot or didn't know to add the dsp playlist writer, now I have 200 albums with no individual playlist. The only reason I would like one in each file is for ease while playing on my control 4 system or other players to just add the playlist file and listen to the album rather than clicking each song to add to cue. I tried converting and adding the DSP which works but its tedious to do for each CD. I tried the batch converter but it seems glitchy and only adds the first m3u list. To clarify, I don't want to create a new multi album playlist I just wanted individual playlists for each album. Thank you.
  • mkwebman
    • Jun 2019
    • 2


    VLC is free open source music and video player.

    If you have each CD ripped to its own named folder you should be able to drag each folder to VLC and export the result one folder at a time. You could import a batch of folders and then export a composite playlist which you can easily edit in a text editor.

    I could say more on this if you are interested, but am currently largely horizontal with a hip problem and can't easily access my PC.



    • rjxox
      • May 2024
      • 3

      That helps , although a bit of a process. I thought maybe i was missing something with poweramp. Thank you. Hope your hip problem gets better.


      • simbun
        • Apr 2021
        • 42

        Given that playlists are just text files you could just script it:
        Get-ChildItem -Filter *.flac -Recurse | Group-Object Directory | ForEach-Object {
            $folderPath = $_.Name
            $flacFiles = $_.Group.Name
            $outputFile = "$folderPath\playlist.m3u8"
            "#EXTM3U`n" + ($flacFiles -join "`n") | Out-File -FilePath $outputFile
        This is generated by https://zzzcode.ai as I don't know much powershell, but it seems to work. I don't know if Control 4 requires metadata in the playlists, but most don't.


        • rjxox
          • May 2024
          • 3

          Thank you