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CoreConverter.exe not reading registry dBTempFileLocation

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  • L5730
    • Jan 2015
    • 12

    CoreConverter.exe not reading registry dBTempFileLocation

    I'm using coreconverter.exe to process audio files, adding/subtracting gain and a VST limiter.
    As there is no other DSP option for a simple gain adjustment (allowing clipping w. 32bit fp) I have to use the "Volume Normalize" DSP and enter the fixed gain amount that way.
    This makes the processing off-line and so creates a temporary 32bit fp LPCM .tmp file, and then applies processing to that creating a second 32bit fp .tmp file, the first temp is deleted and the processed temp file is then converted to final output format, mp3 or whatever.

    With a 2hr long file this takes up a LOT of space (~2.4 GiB for each temp file) and a peak of more than 4.8 GiB.
    I am using a RAMDisk to make processing as fast as possible, but there is only ever so much RAM, and there will be files longer than 2 hrs (I have no control over them).
    I hoped to use the option to move the temporary location (in registry dBTempFileLocation) for those few particularly large files, but this does not have any effect on coreconverter.

    a) is there something I have missed, and a more suitable DSP to apply gain +/-, that wouldn't create such intermediate files?
    b) is there a way to specify the temp location for coreconverter.exe

    Ref 15.3

    I have used ffmpeg.exe to pipe to coreconverter.exe, but because the VST plugin doesn't report it's sample offset correctly, I tend to have a file with a significant number of samples offset.
  • Spoon
    • Apr 2002
    • 44083

    Re: CoreConverter.exe not reading registry dBTempFileLocation

    The VST dsp effect would not use that temp location option, sorry.