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Is There an Update Log for Batch Ripper?

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  • ghibliss
    • Jun 2013
    • 33

    Is There an Update Log for Batch Ripper?

    I just installed the latest batch ripper R2024-03-07 to use with my MF Digital Ripstation that I have been using for several years successfully. I have not been able to locate on the forum a change log which notes what changes have been made to the program. Aside from adding Discogs to the list of Metadata providers I did not notice anything at all. Does the code in the program improve ripping speed or anything that involves better throughput of ripping discs?

    I have been able to rip 65-70 CD's per hour average performing Accurate Rips while using Secure Mode. This is when ripping classic rock, jazz, blues titles. It goes a little slower when ripping Classical or Opera CD's which have a longer playing time that can often almost reach the maximum CD length of 80 minutes.

    My machine uses 6 Optiarc CD-ROM drives
  • Spoon
    • Apr 2002
    • 44169

    Re: Is There an Update Log for Batch Ripper?

    Only extra metadata options have been added, UPC, CD-Text, ISRC