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Need help running Batch Ripper

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  • jkt
    • Feb 2024
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    Need help running Batch Ripper

    I was trying to add a thread to Batch Ripper forum. There is no such thing. As you can see, I posted a thread to the wrong "Batch" forum. Sorry.

    Can anyone tell me how to delete, close, or otherwise close this thread? Thanks.

    .../Help/BatchRipper/index.html -> "Batch Ripper Operation (General Setup and Usage)" gets me to .../Help/BatchRipper/options.html. This "options" page tells me "
    The following items should be reviewed before ripping:" I reviewed them. Among other things, it tells me that I can edit "Profile". It seems that the idea is to click "edit", which then takes me to a standard CD Ripper instantiation. Great! I know how to set a profile in CD Ripper.

    I have 3 CD drives. Once I set my profile for my drive number 1, how do I set the profiles for my drivers number 2 and number 3. If I click on my shortcut for Batch Ripper, I simply go back to the instantiation for my drive number 1. Actually, this is not quite correct. One time that I did this, I was able to go back to Batch Ripper and open a 2nd instantiation of CD Ripper. I was not able, however, to leave instantiation number 2 and get back to Batch Ripper. Hopefully you get the idea.

    How do I set up 3 CD Drives for batch rip?
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  • Spoon
    • Apr 2002
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    Re: Need help running Batch Ripper

    Profiles are not supposed to be drive related, they are general ripping profiles. All drives in Batch Ripper use the same profile.

    Have 3 drives the same, and add them as 3 separate ripping methods, in the Batch Ripper configuration program, if using the Manual Load - Auto Eject, you would configure 3 drives.