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Preserve thumbnails in jpeg to tif batch conversion

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  • mvalburg
    • Mar 2023
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    Preserve thumbnails in jpeg to tif batch conversion

    Is there a way to preserve image thumbnails (for viewing in Photoshop) when doing a batch conversion from jpeg to tif image files?
  • Spoon
    • Apr 2002
    • 44167

    Re: Preserve thumbnails in jpeg to tif batch conversion

    The thumbnails are separate files?


    • divineeye
      • Aug 2023
      • 2

      Re: Preserve thumbnails in jpeg to tif batch conversion

      Preserving thumbnails in JPEG to TIFF batch conversion can be achieved by using specific software that supports maintaining embedded thumbnails during the conversion process. Here's a general guideline on how to do this:

      1. Select Appropriate Software:
      You will need software that allows batch conversion from JPEG to TIFF while preserving embedded thumbnails. Adobe Photoshop is a widely used tool for this purpose. Other software may also support this feature.

      2. Install and Open the Software:
      Download and install the software if you haven't already. Open the software on your computer.

      3. Import JPEG Files:
      Use the software's file import or batch processing feature to import the JPEG files you want to convert to TIFF. Make sure the software supports embedded thumbnail preservation.

      4. Configure Conversion Settings:
      In the conversion settings or export options, look for an option related to maintaining embedded thumbnails. This option may vary depending on the software you are using. It might be called "Preserve Metadata" or "Preserve EXIF Data."

      5. Select TIFF Format:
      Choose TIFF as the output format for the conversion. TIFF is a suitable format for preserving embedded thumbnails and other metadata.

      6. Start Batch Conversion:
      Set the output directory where you want the converted TIFF files to be saved. Then, initiate the batch conversion process.

      7. Review the Output:
      Once the conversion is complete, review the TIFF files to ensure that the thumbnails have been preserved.

      8. Optional: Verify Thumbnail Preservation:
      To ensure that the thumbnails have indeed been preserved, you can use a dedicated metadata viewer or image viewer software that can display embedded thumbnails in TIFF files.

      Please note that the specific steps and options may vary depending on the software you are using. Always refer to the software's documentation or help resources for precise instructions on preserving thumbnails during batch conversion.