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Thread: MP3 Splitter

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    Re: MP3 Splitter

    My mistake, misunderstood Spoon, he apparently meant the codecs are written to allow splitting, not that the splitter for them is completed. My bad.

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    Re: MP3 Splitter

    I was wondering when this was finally going to be released, then I found that it had already been out for a month!


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    Re: MP3 Splitter

    Splitting is an important feature for audiobook users.

    I checked out a DSP splitter for DBPamp. it only splits by length.

    Is there any plugin for DBPamp batch converter that does pause detection and splits by pause after certain length has passed. (ie. start detecting a pause for a split after 10 min or so) this way you get to cut your audiobook into 10 min files w-o breaking it in the middle of the word.

    Mp3DirectCut does a nice job of cutting this way. I am using it now for all my cutting. I would rather have it all in one software package.
    I am using DBPamp for formatting and it would be great if it would be capable to cut with pause detection as well.

    Thanks for considering this great functionality for your product.

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    Re: MP3 Splitter

    splitting mp3 files is common and important task for audio-book users.
    I know there is a splitter DSP for DBPamp Batch Converter that does splitting by length.
    I was never happy with the result though.
    It just chops the files at a certain length no matter what.

    I ended up with words chopped in half a lot.
    Is there a smarter plugin for DBPamp Batch Converter that does pause detection after certain length interval.
    similar to Mp3DirectCut

    Mp3DirectCut cuts mp3 files by length and you can select pause detection.
    Lets say you want to cut at 10 min length with pause detection.
    Mp3DirectCut will start looking for a pause after 10min has passed to make a cut. This way it always cuts between words.

    I am using Mp3DirectCut just for cutting but DBPamp Batch Converter for everything else. I would rather have it all in DBPamp if I can.

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