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Thread: .rmj files

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    .rmj files

    from RealOne Player in RealAudio 8 with ATRAC3 format. Can they be converted with this program? <please, oh please, say yes>

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    Apr 2002
    Afraid not.

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    Well, yes, sort of

    You need a copy of Winamp 2.x Standard or Full (I don't think it works with 3.x yet) and the Tara Plug-in. Open Winamp, go to Prefrences and then under Plug-ins choose Output. Select Nullsoft Disk Writer, then select 'Configure'. Specify an output directory, tick 'Convert to format' and ensure it says 'PCM 44.100KHz, 16 Bit, Stereo', Click OK, close the Preferences dialog, open the .rmj file and then hit play. Instead of hearing output, the music will be piped directly to the wave file.

    Then, you can use this program to convert that wave file into anything you like!

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