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Thread: ID3 tag Questions for Spoon

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    ID3 tag questions for Spoon

    How do you get dBpowerAMP 11.x to rip ID3 tags the same as in R10? I liked the Smart ID3 1 & 2. I am still using dBpowerAMP 10.x because of this issue that came up in 11.

    Also how do you get an embedded album cover (in the ID3 tag) to show and the information from Traktor (by Native Instruments) to show up (or hide from view) in the shell information (rollover)?

    More specifically, would you be able to have a feature to selectively choose to suppress certain tags from being seen in explorer's shell (when you rollover)?

    Could you put a lyrics section in the ID3 tags for us users who have to search our collections various ways? Or even a way to add/edit MP3-G lyrics?
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    Re: ID3 tag questions for Spoon

    If you run dMC Configuration >> Tag Options - set to v1 & v2 for mp3 tagging.

    The other questions are not possible.

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