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Thread: monkey audio conversion error

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    monkey audio conversion error

    When trying to convert .ape files made with v3.95 of monkey audio, the following error occurs:

    'The exception Integer division by zero.
    (Oxc00000094) occured in the application at location 0x0182e45c'

    I'm running Win2ksp2, dMC release 8d, with release 5 (using monkeys 3.92) of monkeys codec.

    Do I need to update monkeys codec (and how/where)?


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    Apr 2002

    I will release a 3.96 just as soon as the SDK is available.

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    thanks for the link.

    still doesn't work, it's based on v394b2, my files are all done with v395. but i do get a different error message:

    CODEC decompression error for '*.ape'
    Error whilst running DSP effect, lack of disk space?

    guess i'll have to wait for monkey to release the v396sdk.

    thanks for a trully wonderful program though. really a time saver.

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    Apr 2002
    Can MA 3.96 Stable (offical prog) decode it?

    I hope going to 3.96 will help you out but don't be disappointed if it doesn't, 3.95 alpha 1 was supposed to be a early unsupported (as in by later versions) version of MA.

    *MODatic crosses fingers

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    ma v3.96 works fine, decodes everything.

    i've converted several files to v3.96, and release 6 of spoon's ma codec is still not able to read/convert it. so it's not the problem with v3.95.

    i'll wait for a v3.96 based codec. i'm guessing spoon really likes ma format, so we won't wait too long for it after the sdk is released .

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