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Thread: conversion to WMA lossless? from Flac

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    dBpoweramp Enthusiast
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    Jul 2016

    conversion to WMA lossless? from Flac

    I was wondering if one can convert audio files from FLAC
    to WMA lossless? I never explored WMA at all but may
    want to test a car's stereo system that did not seem to
    read FLAC files. It may read WMA but not sure if lossless

    I did not see a batch conversion option for WMA unless
    I have outdated version or did not see it.

    Thank you.

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    Re: conversion to WMA lossless? from Flac

    It is unlikely any car would read wma lossless.

    WMA is listed on the Windows version, it is not on macOS.

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