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Thread: Kaleidescape / Mediatechnics / Fusion Info found... (FULL command set attached)

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    Lightbulb Kaleidescape / Mediatechnics / Fusion Info found... (FULL command set attached)

    This is the OEM's control guide for running the robot, it has all commands and responses listed so it should be easy to add these robots. I got this by e-mailing back and forth with Tibi Szilagyi at Mediatechnics... After much discussion with him (he appears to be all that is left of that company) if a driver is made PLEASE be sure to give an option to disable the V5.06 and higher commands (designated with a * in the document) as most robots i've found are running V5.02... when I asked about upgrading the software on the robot I got the following response that is not great for doing this on a budget...

    "This unit is unfortunately so old, I do not have any upgrades available for it. For you to have these commands, the whole Macro command set would have to be reprogrammed and tested. It would be quite expensive. It would probably be more efficient to replace the Robot Controller board and the main harness with a newer model, but that would have to be done here"

    If someone finds a board running V5.06 or higher and can dump the system let me know... i'm down for trying to field upgrade / reverse engineer to add the extra commands...

    The original control board was made by another company, I haven't been able to track them down and get info from them yet... but here is their info if anyone wants to try to figure it out:

    Stepperoo - The Motion Wiz, V5.03
    Copyright 2001-2014 Propagon Inc.

    to find that out I powered up the robot while attached to the robot...

    Here is the basic info for the robot in text:

    Baud rate = 38400; N-8-1; Flow Control = Xon / Xoff; Terminal Emulation = ANSI; Local echo = off.

    The system will accept commands from a host computer in two different modes. The <Esc> key toggles between these two modes:
    1) DIRECT Mode (factory default), only single-character commands are accepted. Every character sent is a command. The commands are executed as soon as they are sent (no “Enter” is necessary). The system boots up in this mode and will return to this mode every time the power is cycled.
    2) STRING Mode, single-character as well as multi-character macro commands are accepted. The <Enter> key must be sent for the command to be executed. Used for MACRO UPLOAD, development and testing.

    the PDF has all the commands... the only one to be careful with is DO NOT send an "E" to the robot, it will erase any marcos on the robot...

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    Re: Kaleidescape / Mediatechnics / Fusion Info found... (FULL command set attached)

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