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Thread: dBpoweramp Music Converter for Mac OS beta

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    dBpoweramp Music Converter for Mac OS beta

    Current version: 2023-10-04 [beta]

    Main changes:
    • New audio formats supported for decoding: TAK, SHN, AC3, DTS, SPX, MKA, WMA, VQF, MLP.
    • CD-ISRC reading bug fix.
    • libwebp security update.
    • libFLAC 1.4.3
    • Monkey's Audio 10.23
    • Fixed Finder "Open With" interaction.
    • Fixed some conversion settings (Drop ReplayGain) not being applied when they should be.
    • Fixed missing entries in tag field lists (was missing Work / Movement and some sort fields).
    • CD Ripper: Fixed some fields being incorrectly shown read-only in metadataa table.
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