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Thread: Uninstall dbpowerAmp Music Converter - Win10

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    Uninstall dbpowerAmp Music Converter - Win10

    Hello everybody,

    I am using Music Converter 13.5 (registered) on Windows 10.
    (with codecs : AIFF Codec, CD Writer, DSP Effects, m4a Effects, m4a Codec, Vorbis aoTuV Encoder, Vorbis Codec, Windows Media Audio 10 Codec)

    I need to uninstall everything completely, but i can't find any file for uninstallation (in System 32 or in Programs x86). Windows says : Windows can't find C:\WINDOWS\System32\SpoonUninstall.exe
    - How can I uninstall everything ?

    Thanks in advance for your help !

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    Re: Uninstall dbpowerAmp Music Converter - Win10

    Reinstall, then uninstall using the add/remove programs.

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