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Thread: dBpoweramp will not delete my Album Art

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    dBpoweramp will not delete my Album Art

    I just installed dBpoweramp a couple of weeks ago and I love everything it does however, I am having a SERIOUS problem at this point. For some reason, it has caused the Folder.jpg file to automatically be the default setting on every .flac, .mp3 and .mp4 file I have (which is in the thousands). It will not delete my Album Art regardless of how I try to do it. I realize there are multiple ways of telling it to delete my Album Art but no matter what I do, all I see is folder.jpgs all over my screen. I have never used Folder.jpg thumbnails on my .flac files in my life. It causes my computer screen to be full of artwork. I prefer and have always used the Extra large thumbnail setting so I can see the Icons of the program I am using to play the particular type of file instead of Album art. Any help would be very much appreciated!!! The constant view in my attached .jpg example is killing me!


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    Re: dBpoweramp will not delete my Album Art

    Before I installed dBpoweramp, I was used to opening File Explorer to a folder of music and seeing my preferred view of Extra Large icons of the program used to open each particular file. Winamp for .flac and .mp3 files and Pot Player for .mp4 files. I like that and I have had that for the last couple of decades at least. Occasionally, I would encounter a folder which displayed thumbnails of folder.jpg instead of icons for .flac files. In which case, I would edit the ID Tags and remove them so I could resume my preferred view. After installing dBpoweramp, I immediately noticed that every folder containing .flac, .mp3 and .mp4 files displayed the folder.jpg for every song instead of the icons mentioned earlier. I attempted to remove them in various ways available using dBpoweramp but I was unsuccessful. I am still burdened by this problem. Every other function of dBpoweramp appears to be working perfectly such as displaying ID Tag info when hovering over a file, converting .flac files to .mp3 files, etc. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the program. When I uninstall it, everything goes back to normal and looks perfectly the same as it has forever so I know it's dBpoweramp causing the issue. I have searched the internet for a solution and I have asked a few different forums but I am still having the same problem. All I want is to see my Winamp icons for .flac, .mp3 and Pot Player for mp4 files. I cannot disable thumbnails in Folder Options in order to see icons as that is universal and I cannot see any thumbnails at all as you know. I hope that clearly states both my problem and my desired results. Notice in the attached .jpg that no Album Art is showing up in dBpoweramp even though there is obvious Album Art being applied.

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    Re: dBpoweramp will not delete my Album Art

    This problem has been solved by simbun.He suggested I disable a Windows Explorer Integration so I disabled the one entitled "Thumbnail and Property Handler" then clicked "Exclusions" and chose .flac, .mp3 and .mp4 and I am now able to edit the ID Tags and delete the Album Artwork! Thank you again simbun!
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