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Thread: Music Converter ID Tag Processing will not delete album art

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    Re: Music Converter ID Tag Processing will not delete album art

    simbun, you are a genius!!!! For future reference, in case this ever comes up again, I disabled the Windows Explorer Integration entitled "Thumbnail and Property Handler" then clicked "Exclusions" and chose .flac, .mp3 and .mp4 and I am now able to edit the ID Tags and delete the Album Artwork!!! Holy crap, Also, I am noticing that now, when I open a folder of music, instead of seeing folder.jpgs all over the place, I am back to seeing the exact same thing I have been used to all these years! What a relief! Now I don't even have to delete thousands of folder.jpg files as they are not automatically appearing anymore! I must admit, this was not a very intuitive solution. I was not aware of what all those advanced integrations did so I never thought to explore that option on my own. I'm really grateful for your patience with me and your knowledge of the options you provided me along the way. This means an awful lot to me! I really appreciate it smbun!!!
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