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Thread: Metadata fields differ between apps.

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    Metadata fields differ between apps.

    Hi all,

    I am currently ripping all of my CDs to ALAC. I am getting all of my metadata from Discogs. I have settled on the bare minimum fields. eg. Artist, Album Artist, Disc No., Track No., Year, and Genre. Though I have added Track ISRC, Catalog No., and UPC.

    I have found that most of the fields seem to align across various players and metadata editors. Though UPC, ISRC and Catalog No. fields are hit and miss.

    Some show the fields, but they are empty. Some players don't show the fields at all.

    I have also edited the catalog no. and UPC fields using another app. Then dBpoweramp shows it as blank.

    Are UPC, ISRC, and Catalog No. fields part of the id3 standard, or are they something that each app have tried to inset/invent themselves.



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    Re: Metadata fields differ between apps.

    id3 is not used for ALAC, instead the tagging is based on mp4, a old quicktime method.

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