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Thread: Ripper of a crash

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    Ripper of a crash

    hi, this may be the correct or not correct place to report a crash. The crash dialogue box just pointed to Support Forum top page.
    Searching for report crash only found Peter's Mac tutorial. That box also said to sesn the file, but no further details.
    First use of NB21-DVD Nimbie, replacing expired NB11. fyi. Old Medion PC, but with new clean install Windows 10, only apps installed dbPoweramp Reference, upgraded and installed today, and Batch Ripper + Nimbie R6 Driver also DL'd today. Only others were the acronova instll diac apps+ Nimbie driver. apps opened once to confirm functionality.

    Set up CD Ripper, Batch Config as per Spoon's guide.Began ripping 90+ stack,when crash occurred.
    I have a suspicion that it might relate to the ccc, cheap cheerful chinois display, as is had gone dark at the time, which I suspect was related.

    I can send the crashdump whenever I get that info.

    "kogan" display was set to CEC, now disabled,but Medion PC so old it may not know what CEC is.
    Last edited by iNfaZe; 03-08-2023 at 09:49 AM. Reason: CEC was on.

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