I have tried the trial version and i'm very impressed ,superb superb tool !

May I ask few questions

dBpoweramp cd ripper does rip the track on memory while is reading the cd , and encode them?
seeing i have seeing the tracks ripped and seeing i have select multiple encoders ,dbpoweramp cd ripper does keep ripping the other tracks

I was used to rip with EAC , to obtain a log like eac with pregaps and other flags like cd tags and Compact Disc subcode , have I to select cue single image plugins and under ripper i have to select secure and enable log
but seeing dbpoweramp does use accurate rip , could be done enabled even in burst mode or?

3) is there a drive to buy for dbpoweramp ?
i have read the list , many are interanl laptop drivers
are the asus external drive good for ripping (even are slow) ?
in these days it's hard to find external pc dvd drives, most are external dvd drive for pc and laptop

4) could be possible customize the installation , i don't like the right mouse context menu shell under windows , (not sure if it's present under mac=

by the way really amazing tool , have used for 2 days and it's not cheap but really great