I have been using Asset UpNP on my Synology DS216j Nas for a few years without issue. I'm currently using version 7.4.

Recently, a couple of strange things have started happening. Firstly, the Asset configuration page occasionally fails to open from the Synology Package Centre. Restarting the Nas solves the issue but only temporarily. It will then open fine but try a few days later and again it fails to open.

There is a second issue. I played a track off my Naim ND5XS2 using Asset UpNP I have played many times without issue. Half way through the track, the music suddenly and incorrectly stops and there is silence. The music returns towards the end of the track. Now every time I play the track this happens. I deleted the track and added it again and it plays fine. However, a couple of weeks later the same thing happened on a different track (different album, different artist). I tried it on a Naim Atom as well on the same network and the same thing happens so clearly not a hardware issue. I've thought about uninstalling Asset and reinstalling but not sure if my settings will be lost. Can anyone please advise as to what the issue could be? Thanks.