Running dbPoweramp 17.7 (2) on Mac OS 10.15.7 with music files on a connected NAS
I've been experimenting with different CODECs and created a FLAC to AAC profile using the same dynamic naming that worked successfully for FLAC to MP3 but output to a different destination folder [IFVALUE]album artist,[album artist],[artist][/Album/TrackNum - Title Converting created subfolders with the names from the dynamic naming and errored the files selected to convert. Same thing happened with the same dynamic naming for AIFF with a different destination folder. If I try to reconvert with either AIFF or AAC profile it says the music files already exist which they do not. I successfully deleted the AIFF subfolders that had the dynamic naming names but was unable to delete them from the ACC folder even though they were not locked and dbPoweramp was closed. I deleted them directly from the NAS. I reopened dbpoweramp and deleted the ACC and AIFF profiles. Closed and opened dbPoweramp and the profiles were still there. A second delete of AIFF profile was successful but I cannot deleted the AAC profile. I deleted it multiple times, closed and opened the app multiple times and restarted my computer but it's still there when I reopen dbPoweramp.
1. Why does the same dynamic naming work for MP3 and utterly fail for AIFF and AAC?
2. Why can't I delete the ACC profile?
3. Please don't tell me to use tuneFUSION. I could get it to copy 1:1 but it errored every time I tried to convert a file.