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Thread: Allow Speed Reduction, Please

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    Allow Speed Reduction, Please

    dbpoweramp is a wonderful CD ripper, but there does not seem to be a way to select ripping speeds lower than the maximum. I'm using a Plextor 891SAF and it works very well giving rips at 20-30X speeds, except for one problem.
    My collection includes some CDs older than 20 years and they seem to be more fragile. One broke during spin-up, probably destroying the drive as well. Maybe a 5X speed would keep these older discs intact.

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    Re: Allow Speed Reduction, Please

    The ripping speed can be changed, but not on all drives, if the ripping speed option box only shows (maximum) then the drive is not allowing the other speeds to be set.

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    Re: Allow Speed Reduction, Please

    If you destroyed a disc it was not due to the speed it was due to the disc being warped, cracked, or unbalanced which will cause self destruct mode to occur! Also having paper labels stuck on a CD cause issues as well.

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