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Thread: Using DBPoweramp as an External Encoder in JRiver Media Center 29

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    Using DBPoweramp as an External Encoder in JRiver Media Center 29

    Hello all,

    My operating system is MacOS Monterey 12.4 and I'm running dBpoweramp Music Converter Release 17.7 (2).

    I'm trying to consolidate my workflow between DBPoweramp and JRiver Media Center 29 (JRMC) and the next step in that process is to configure JRMC to use my default lossless batch converter from DBPoweramp as an external encoder but I have a lot of questions regarding this process.

    Although there's a little bit more under the hood than this photo suggests, my default lossless batch converter currently looks like this:

    Screen Shot 2022-06-20 at 01.55.39.jpg

    and so far my JRMC external encoder's settings currently look something like this:

    Screen Shot 2022-06-20 at 02.27.54.jpg

    I've done some research on the topic of using DBPoweramp as an external encoder in JRMC which unfortunately has only brought up questions for me. In this article about command line encoding for PC with DBPoweramp, an .exe called CoreConverter.exe is mentioned as an ".exe path" but I haven't been able to find CoreConverter.app on my Mac and so instead I set the external encoder path as "dBpoweramp Music Converter.app". Is this the correct path that I need?

    I've also started writing the "Parameters" which I pieced together from old posts about this topic as well as my saved .dspeffect files (I can't run regedit.exe as per the command line article) and so my Parameters currently look like this:

    -infile=%IN -outfile%OUT -convert_to="FLAC" -dspeffect1="Trim Silence=-dbsilence={qt}-80{qt} -threshold={qt}1{qt}" -dspeffect2="ID Tag Processing=-add0={qt}Comment=DBPoweramp{qt} -exportart={qt}(none){qt} -importart={qt}(none){qt} -maxart={qt}(any){qt} -maxartkb={qt}(any){qt} -removemonthdayfromyear -charreplacement={qt}(Disc 1){_RET_}(Disc One){_RET_}(Disc 2){_RET_}(Disc Two){_RET_}(Disc 3){_RET_}(Disc Three){_RET_}(Disc 4){_RET_}(Disc Four){_RET_}(Disc 5){_RET_}(Disc Five){_RET_}(Disc 6){_RET_}(Disc Six){_RET_}(Disc 7){_RET_}(Disc Seven){_RET_}(Disc 8){_RET_}(Disc Eight){_RET_}(Disc 9){_RET_}(Disc Nine){_RET_}(Disc 10){_RET_}(Disc Ten){_RET_}(Disc 11){_RET_}(Disc Eleven){_RET_}(Disc 12){_RET_}(Disc Twelve){_RET_}(Disc 13){_RET_}(Disc Thirteen){_RET_}(Disc 14){_RET_}(Disc Fourteen){_RET_}(Disc 15){_RET_}(Disc Fifteen){qt} -rulemap={qt}IF genre=Hip-Hop/Rap{_RET_}Set genre=Hip-Hop{_RET_}{_RET_}IF genre=Hip Hop/Rap{_RET_}Set genre=Hip-Hop{_RET_}{_RET_}IF genre=Rap{_RET_}Set genre=Hip-Hop{_RET_}{_RET_}IF genre=Hard Rock{_RET_}Set genre=Rock{_RET_}{_RET_}IF genre=Electro{_RET_}Set genre=Electronic{_RET_}{_RET_}IF Genre={_RET_}Set Genre=Unknown{_RET_}{_RET_}IF Album Artist={_RET_}Set Album Artist=[artist]{_RET_}{_RET_}IF genre=House{_RET_}Set genre=Electronic{_RET_}{_RET_}IF genre=Techno{_RET_}Set genre=Electronic{_RET_}{_RET_}IF genre=Ambient{_RET_}Set genre=Electronic{_RET_}{_RET_}IF genre=Rap/Hip Hop{_RET_}Set genre=Hip-Hop{_RET_}{_RET_}IF genre=Rap/Hip-Hop{_RET_}Set genre=Hip-Hop{_RET_}{_RET_}If genre=Hardcore Hip-Hop{_RET_}Set genre=Hip-Hop{_RET_}{_RET_}If genre=Hardcore Hip Hop{_RET_}Set genre=Hip-Hop{_RET_}{_RET_}If genre=Hardcore Rap{_RET_}Set genre=Hip-Hop{_RET_}{_RET_}If genre=Hip Hop{_RET_}Set genre=Hip-Hop{_RET_}{_RET_}IF genre=Alternative & Indie{_RET_}Set genre=Rock{_RET_}{_RET_}IF genre=Alternative{_RET_}Set genre=Rock{_RET_}{_RET_}IF genre=Smooth Jazz{_RET_}Set genre=Jazz{_RET_}{_RET_}If genre=Jazz/Bop{_RET_}Set genre=Jazz{_RET_}{_RET_}If genre=Bop{_RET_}Set genre=Jazz{_RET_}{_RET_}If genre=Soundtrack{_RET_}Set genre=Unknown{qt}"
    My question regarding this is how do I specify within these parameters that I want to encode lossless files as FLAC files with encoding level 6 and to verify the written audio after encoding (like in my first screenshot)? On a side note, how can I determine the encoding level of a FLAC file? Does it matter if the lossless conversion occurs before or after my DSP effects? Am I missing anything in JRMC's external encoder settings such as under "Extension:" or "Bitrate:"? JRMC seems to require a value under "Extension:" and so is "-convert_to="FLAC"" under "Parameters" even necessary? Please help me! So far all of my combinations and attempts in JRMC have resulted in failed conversions.

    I'm sorry in advance for my obvious computer illiteracy and incompetence but I'm really trying here. I hope that this thread serves as a useful resource for some other poor lost soul in the future.

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