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Thread: WMA files grayed out.....

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    Jun 2022

    Unhappy WMA files grayed out.....

    I am running dBpoweramp on my MAC OS Monterey 12.4 system. I want to convert all my WMA files to Apple lossless. But all my WMA files are grayed out. I have verified that there is NO DRM protection via my Windows 11 machine. Converter sees all my non WMA files just fine.

    I have searched for "WMA" for help, but did not get any hits. I have verified that dbPoweramp has permission to read and write my drive (remember it sees my non WMA files just fine)

    My next trouble shooting step is to try dBpoweramp on my Windows 11 PC.

    I know that dBpoweramp does not convert DRM protected files, but these are not protected.

    Any ideas on why my files are grayed out?


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    Jun 2022

    Re: WMA files grayed out.....

    Just tested it on my Windows 11 PC. (Not the PC that I ripped the CD's many years ago). And it reads the WMA files just fine. Seems to be to be a bug in the dbPowerAmp MAC version. I will have to research on how to submit a bug report to the developers. Unless someone has a link for me.

    Anyone run this on their MAC OS Monterey and convert WMA files?


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    Re: WMA files grayed out.....

    If I remember right there is WMA support for Windows only.

    Dat Ei

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