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Thread: how do I use R17 with El Capitain

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    how do I use R17 with El Capitain


    I've just upgraded from R16 to R17 of DBPoweramp, and one after having purchased have I've realised (as it wouldn't install, then through reading all of the version logs) that the latest version 17.7 isn't compatable with my version of OsX (el Capitain). I'm not quite sure what to do, as I can't find any way of accessing a slightly older version that is compatible (I think 17.4 and 17.5 should be).



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    Re: how do I use R17 with El Capitain

    Ive found another &*8220;how do i&*8221; thread of how to resolve, and am very happy that ive a version that works with my osx. Thank you for amazingly fast support!

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