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Thread: DVD-A to hard drive

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    Aug 2016

    DVD-A to hard drive

    Is there a way of taking my music dvds and getting them onto a hard drive?
    Loads of music on these extra dvds and would like to listen in the car.

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    Feb 2014

    Re: DVD-A to hard drive

    I rip my DVDs with DVD Audio Extractor.

    Dat Ei

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    Aug 2015

    Re: DVD-A to hard drive

    I second the DVD Audio Extractor recommendation from @Dat Ei. You'll also need an application to unlock the DVD-A (like pass key for DVD Audio Extractor to work)

    Recently, I have run into issues with DVD Audio Extractor on some late 1990's / early 2000's DVD-A's.
    For those, I had good success with Foobar using the foo_input_dvda plugin and DVD Explorer to extract the MCH wav's (all opensource apps).

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