Maybe slightly off topic but here goes.

I am currently in the middle of ripping all of my 2000 cds to hard drive. I am ripping the cds to Apple Lossless ALAC. I am using dBpoweramp for macOS. Once the music is ripped, I have been using iTunes and Plex mainly.

Along with the standard id3 fields (Track Name, Artist, Album name), I am also adding Track ISRC, Album UPC, Album Catalog* & Musicbrainz ID.

I have realised that media players and cataloging software can't display these extra tags. If it isn't in the list of standard iTunes tags, them it can't be displayed. Even right clicking on the file in finder and clicking get info doesn't display the extra info.

It seams I have wasted my effort in adding all of the extra info to the music files.

I would love to find a cataloging/media player that can display the extra tags.