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Thread: Batch disc identifier

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    Batch disc identifier


    When I rip collections using batch ripper, there are normally multiple discs that are not recognised by the metadata search providers.


    Disc 001: Take That
    Disc 002: Unknown Artist
    Disc 003: Spice Girls
    Disc 196: Napalm Death
    Disc 197: Unknown Artist
    Disc 198: Agoraphobic Nosebleed
    Disc 199: Unknown Artist
    Disc 200: Dillinger Escape Plan

    Disc 002 writes its tracks down as Track 1.flac, Track 2.flac etc but these get overwritten by Discs 197 and 199 so that I end up losing tracks.

    I've had a good search of these forums and seen the recommendations for using
    • Date and time
    • cddb_id
    • discunique

    but the problem comes when I'm post batch and I need to work out which failed discs correspond to which physical cd case in a pile of 200 (or more) so I can manually punch in the track names or at least mark up the tracks with the correct artist and album names so that other tools can find the meta correctly.

    I'm hoping there's some way to get ideally
    • [batch_id][changer_id][changer_slot]
    • [batch_id][disc_id]

    or something like that to make it easier?

    Any and all help appreciated


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    Re: Batch disc identifier

    You are best rejecting CDs which do not have metadata, then manually rip them later.

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    Re: Batch disc identifier

    Quote Originally Posted by Spoon View Post
    You are best rejecting CDs which do not have metadata, then manually rip them later.
    OK, thanks for the quick response.

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