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Thread: Batch Converter- OGG Vorbis ID Tags

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    Batch Converter- OGG Vorbis ID Tags


    Thanks for the great software- been using various versions of the years and has always been great. Great functionality, and any problsma have usually been quite straightforward or intuitive to resolve.

    Have come across a strange one, which might be a dbpoweramp issue, or might not. Using latest version Ref 17.6

    I have all my core collection rippped to FLAC in my master library. I then use batch converter to convert these to use in various formats to use on certain devices.

    Converting to mp3- no issues
    Converting to m4a/ aac- no issues

    Converting to OFF Vorbis (both standalone and the auToV option)- when converting, the ID tags do not show in the columns (Artist, Title, etc) in windows explorer (Windows 11). However, when hovering over, the popup box shows the tags, and if I right click and selct 'edit ID tag', the tag info is all there. It is also editble when importing into mp3tag.

    Is this a windows issue them regarding how info is displayed? There is no such problem with mp3 or m4a/aac,- does anyone know why ogg mught be different?

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    Re: Batch Converter- OGG Vorbis ID Tags

    It is this:


    Windows cannot read ogg file tags, which is stupid that they put an entry to stop our program from doing it. Follow the steps one by one and rename .ogg to ._ogg then restart

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