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Thread: Accuraterip not configuring my new as of today external dvd

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    Accuraterip not configuring my new as of today external dvd

    I am having a similar and yet different problem than the one posted on 2018.

    DBPoweramp stopped recognizing my Pioneer DVR-XD10 listed in the dvd recognized database of dvd recorders.

    I ordered a Windows 11 supported dvd ... the Roofull model no. ECD819-SU3 recognized by DBPoweramp as HL-DT-ST-GTAON.

    Both recorders are recognized. DBPoweramp while recognizing the Pioneer recorder does not read the cd.

    It recognizes the new recorder and reads the cd, finds the metadata in 2 databases and rips the entire 700+meg
    wave file in seconds with black x's and crc codes.

    I get a message indicating the drive is not in the database.

    How do I either fix the pioneer dvd recorder working with WIndows 10 on a old laptop to work on Windows 11 or get the new dvd recorder to be configured ?

    Also, is the ripped cd I mentioned okay with the black x'es and crc codeds meaning it doesn't recognize the drive but does
    recognize an accurate rip ?

    The laptop is brand new as well.

    Another error message is ... the key disc cannot be used for offset detection with AccurateRip ... or your drive does not extst in AccurateRip
    ... and has multiple pressings.

    All similar to the forum post 06052018 by Joru72 at 5:40PM and responded to by GaryM and Spoon

    Your help is appreciated. Thank you >.. Mark

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    Re: Accuraterip not configuring my new as of today external dvd

    Accurate rip would not stop the disc being ripped. Choose the burst ripping method and choose the encoder as &*8220;test conversion&*8221; it should rip the disc, but not in 2 seconds, does it?

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