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Thread: Questions about Replaygain in CD Burning Process and Playlists

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    Questions about Replaygain in CD Burning Process and Playlists

    My questions are out of curiosity. I use dBpoweramp for the CD ripping and audio conversion processes, but I use Media Monkey Version 4 to burn CDs, create playlists, and transfer my songs to my mp3 player. I have finished ripping my entire CD collection to FLAC with CD Ripper and created converted copies of them to M4A with Batch Converter. I applied Replaygain in both the rip and conversion processes. Now, if I burned my songs that have Replaygain to a CD into regular audio CD format so that I can play it in a normal CD player in a stereo, DVD player, or car stereo, would the ReplayGain properties be automatically applied to the CD during the burning process and be used if the player has ReplayGain capability?

    Also, if I had a playlist with songs that did not have Replaygain, but applied ReplayGain with dBpoweramp, would the songs in the playlist on my Media Monkey player or any other music library media player in general be updated with ReplayGain after I do an add/rescan computer for songs process or other applicable music library refresh function or would I have to create a new playlist or manually import the updated song to the existing playlist?

    Thanks in advance.
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