Hi All,

I have four SATA DVD-ROM drives I'm trying to use to plow thru batch ripping a ton of CDs. I have them connected to my PC via a powered 4-port USB HUB (5v 3A Power Supply). When I try to use all four simultaneously, Windows disconnects them (can hear the USB disconnection chime), which kills successful ripping. I'm guessing I'm exceeding the 3A power supply (?).

If I try just 3 drives instead, the ripping seems to go quite a bit better, but about halfway thru ripping the discs, they just stop spinning and activity stops. They don't become disconnected like I mentioned above. Instead, ripping stops. It never starts back up.

I've fiddled with Windows power management settings and turned off the AccurateRip queries. I don't see any other likely suspects of what might be causing this. I saw the same behavior connecting my "rig" to a different PC.

Thanks to anyone with suggestions.