Thanks team for implementing some of these suggestions.

Changes in beta 4:
Added an option to exclude specific albums from AccurateRip checks, if they're not sourced from CD media for an example.

This implementation works well for my needs, and I like that it is easily undoable. If I had any suggestion for just a slight improvement would be that when you exclude an album if would be reflected in the UI and refreshed upon click versus executing new scan to verify it has occured.

Changes in beta 2:
ID Tags: Added an option to use non-standard multi value delimiter.

I have a question about how this is supposed to operate. I made an assumption that once you chose a multi-value delimiter that when traversing the view of say Artists that each artist would be on a line on its own. In other words, they would then be listed individually versus shown as a single artist with the delimiter still intact. What I am hoping to achieve with this functionality is to look for differences in spelling, capitalization, etc. across all individual elements of a multi-value field. Even though this feature is now implemented I see no functional difference using it in the output for my 100K track library.

Are there perhaps differences in file types? My library is a combination of ALAC, FLAC, and DSF files.

Thank you for continuing to listen to suggestions and improve the product.

Carlin Smith