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Thread: Is There a Reliable and Trustworthy CD Track Count Website or Software?

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    Is There a Reliable and Trustworthy CD Track Count Website or Software?

    I have recently completed the CD ripping and audio conversion, copying, and transfer process of my music collection into the formats FLAC and M4A (AAC). I have created backup copies of my music collection folders on both my PCs internal hard drive and an external hard drive and transferred my preferred songs to my MP3 player. It was a long journey to complete these processes for my music collection. I used dBpoweramp for the CD ripping and audio conversion processes and Media Monkey player for audio playback, playlist creation, and transfers to my MP3 player. One of the most time consuming steps was checking to make sure all of my CD tracks were ripped and that the album file track count matched the number of tracks listed on the CD or CD case. My collection involved ripping nearly 500 CDs. There is no way for me to fully keep track if all CDs tracks are ripped and it took several weeks to do the track count comparisons. Despite my best efforts, there is always the possibility that a track did not get ripped, converted, or transferred properly and/or may be missing. It is just not efficient to continuously pull out your CDs and check to make sure the track numbers on the CDs match the number of tracks listed in the albums in your media player library or Windows/Mac file viewing programs. It is also possible tracks could be lost due to a virus, power surge, computer crash, hardware failure, some problem in a transfer process such as that between an internal and external hard drive, switching to a new computer etc. To save me time in the future, if for some reason I have to inspect my music library for missing tracks, does anyone know of a trustworthy and reliable website and/or program that can look up the albums in my music folders (without modifying them) and compare the track numbers listed in my library to some trustworthy and reliable database and tell me if any of my ripped CD albums are missing tracks? I know that no system is perfect, but I want to minimize the likelihood that my albums are missing tracks in case something ever happens to my CD collection in the future such as natural decay or loss due to mishandling, moving to a new location, fire, or natural disaster.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Is There a Reliable and Trustworthy CD Track Count Website or Software?

    I have never seen anything which does this.

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    Re: Is There a Reliable and Trustworthy CD Track Count Website or Software?

    As @spoon notes, I've never seen any such software. In my own case, I paid attention when ripping that all CDs contained all tracks when ripped. Going forward I do a few different things:

    1. I have my library accessed via different programs reading different HDD sources, then compare the track count (which should be identical). For example, I use LMS, foobar2000, and Roon Labs, and I can see that all 3 have same track count total.

    2. If you run PerfectTunes on your FLAC library, if an album doesn't have all the tracks, PerfectTunes will report an error and tell you that can't check because album is incomplete.

    3. Speaking of PerfectTunes, when I create a new backup HDD of my files (non trivial as I have about 8,500 CDs), I run both PerfectTunes on the newly copied files (although not all albums are in PT) and do a batch conversion with dbPoweramp (converting to TEST CONVERSION). The latter tells me that my newly copied files are NOT corrupt and all can be decoded properly. If FLAC files, it is even better as the TEST CONVERSION decoding process compares the decoded CRC to the embedded CRC from when ripped and makes sure the two items match.

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