I have been using MF Digital machines for several years with batch ripper and have had excellent results. I have an opportunity to use a Microtech XPress machine and am interested only due to the fact that they offer models with 8 and 12 CDROM drives which will greatly improve throughput. I am confident that I could configure the drives in dbpoweramp however thought i would check to see if someone has already done this so as not to reinvent the wheel.

With 4 drives on an MF digital 9104 and maintaining output order so the CD's are in the same order as they went into the machine I am able to rip to the hard drive 55-60 CD's per hour. The only caveat is if ripping all classical or opera CD's which can be substantially longer files the throughput can drop to about35-40 CD's per hour. Using a 12 drive machine would triple the throughput if it was not tied to using maintaining CD order. ripping 150 to 180 CD's per hour makes a large difference when doing large collection reducing projects from days to hours.