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Thread: How to: Change the Category of a group of CDs to a new Category?

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    How to: Change the Category of a group of CDs to a new Category?

    I converted many of my CD's into FLAC, MP3, and WAV flies simultaneously to my Synology NAS. This worked well using dBpoweramp. I should have taken more care by selecting consistent "Categories" for each CD. I didn't pay attention and let the default category from the internet fill in that parameter. Now I wish I had decided what categories I wanted and filled in that information for each CD. So how do I use Perfect Tunes (or something else?) to correct this?

    For example: I should have used one category name for all Religious CD.s Since I didn't use one name, there are CDs under categories names Religious, Christian, Contemporary Christian, Gospel, etc. How can I rename all those various names to one name such as Religious? Can this be one in one step or would I need to search on one existing category such as "Christian" and re-categorize all "Christian" CDs to Religious? And then do another search for "Contemporary Christian" and then re-categorize those to Religious? Etc.

    What steps do I need to take to change the category of a group of CDs all to a new category?

    (Also, I want to open and use PerfectTUNES for the first time and NOT search to eliminate duplicate files. Is this easily doable?)

    I would appreciate any help you can offer on this.


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    Re: How to: Change the Category of a group of CDs to a new Category?

    PerfectTUNES can do this, it will have to fully scan the files, because you need the ID Tagger and to browse by metadata to replace the category for all the tracks in one go.

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