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Thread: when programs start, could they not full-screen in mostly empty white?

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    Cool when programs start, could they not full-screen in mostly empty white?

    When the programs start, they startup full screen with one or two (maybe the main menu) not having the ability to resize to a smaller window. It really looks barren for these tools to resize to 3840 x 2160 on a 34" screen and then to have a few lines of text in the middle.

    It's not like it needs that big a window, and certainly, while I'd like to keep the window(s) open while it scans I needed to minimize some of them in order to start the next program scanning.

    It makes sense to run the scan ops all at the same time - instead of taking 40-60 minutes, they all finished in about 15. Even if I didn't have other scans to run, I still have other things to look at while it scans ~10K music files and while it would have been searching for art on the internet if it could contact the internet (*sigh*).

    That bright white was a shock to my eyes. Finally the world is catching up to my preference for a dark or black background. A bright white light in your face with small shadows for text is really nothing like reading text via reflected light from a piece of paper. Especially true as people age, but lens fogging make it much worse -- the bright white washes out those tiny shadows, while white (or colored) text against black has always shined out much more crisply than overwhelming the eye with full illumination shining in the eye.

    I think people's eyes get dried out and fatigued much more more quickly when having a bright white light in your eyes throughout the day.

    Thanks much!

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    Re: when programs start, could they not full-screen in mostly empty white?

    My CD Ripper startup screen is resizeable and starts with the dimensions at that place the window had, when I've quitted CD Ripper the last time.

    If the white is to bright to your eyes, check your display. Unfortunately most displays shine much to bright with the fabric settings. A setting with 80 to 120 cd/mē brightness and black characters on white background is the guideline for an ergonomic work place.

    Dat Ei

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    Re: when programs start, could they not full-screen in mostly empty white?

    My CD Ripper programs all startup at last settings.

    As for my screen being too bright, I have a calibrator. More often than not it complains that my screen is darker than
    recommended settings, but the ambient light where my computer is setup is low. Ergonomics aren't the same as supporting configurability for disabilities. Bright white tends to obscure and fog-out black text for people who have any sort of scarring or any level of cataracts.

    For casual use, black on white seems to be a preferred choice, but sources also say that using that configuration for an extended period often results in eye strain/stress. Switching to 100% white on black can also be a strain with text at a lower brightness depending on your surroundings.

    Truth be told, my display has many images displayed against black and most of my images suffer from
    whiteout or lowered contrast against a bright background.

    Certainly one of the surprises was it taking over my entire desktop. I had other things on my desktop I wanted
    to have stay visible. What I had problems with was running the music collection panels and I had problems
    going back after one panel would go off to start scanning something .. it was difficult to get back to the top menu to launch another tool. Is there a reason why it does that?

    When I went to search for art, it brought up another screen that covered up my list. Shouldn't I be able
    to search for multiple covers at once? See 'why so big' ... I'm not sure why it is taking up so much space --
    there's nothing there. Where is it looking for art? Does it scan the music dirs?


    p.s. I suppose people with disabilities in vision might have different needs from others?
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    Re: when programs start, could they not full-screen in mostly empty white?

    It accesses the internet, if you have no art appearing, try to update to the latest version, if still no art then look at your security software which might be blocking it. That screen should be full of art selections.

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