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Thread: Editing Track Nos

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    Editing Track Nos

    i could not find this solution so, here goes ...

    i have a couple of CDs which are "Special Edition" CDs .. currently, i am in mention of the "Mike Oldfield - Crises" CD.

    here i make 2 copies of the CD, one i the "special edtion" copy with all the 13 tracks. on checking he ripped files with the editor the tracks nos are 1/13, 2/13 ... so on ...till 13/13.

    the 2nd copy i rip is the copy with out the "bonus tracks" so there are only 6 tracks, on checking this with the editor, it will show 1/13, 2/13 .... 6/13, i try to edit the track nos on the main screen, it doesn't seem to be saving the track nos as i have edited them ... basically 1/6.... 6/6 ...

    is there a way around this ??

    screen shots :

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