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Thread: Scanning album art in 17.3 stopped working

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    Unhappy Scanning album art in 17.3 stopped working

    Only posting because the other threads go back several software versions and several years ago.

    Since installing 17.3, CD Ripper has stopped talking to the scanner. Yes, it's set as default, it's powered on, and it is accessible by other software like Paint and GIMP. When I click on the option in Ripper, I can see a second or so of the window where you can tell it's trying to run a script, and then it disappears and nothing happens.

    Again, this is only since 17.3. It worked flawlessly before then. And other than this apparent bug, I absolutely love the Poweramp suite.

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    Re: Scanning album art in 17.3 stopped working

    We have not changed this code since probably r14. Try to uninstall dbpoweramp, reboot Windows and install r17.3 again. If still no go look at what security software you have.

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    Re: Scanning album art in 17.3 stopped working

    Iíve had this happen to me. The scanner window popped up under the other windows on the screen. It was working for me, just had to change the focus to the scanner window. Maybe this is your problem also.

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