I have a general question about the dBpoweramp uninstallation process. I use Iobit Uninstaller as a way to remove programs from my computer completely when I either no longer have a use for a program or to start fresh. This program is supposed to remove everything including leftover files from the program after the main program is uninstalled where as Windows 10 removes the program but does not remove the leftover files. Now, I understand that no program is perfect. I have used Iobit Uninstaller to uninstall dBpoweramp several times when doing earlier experimentations with its settings to find the best settings for audio formats (e.g. FLAC and MP3) and CD ripping settings based on my optical disc drive capabilities. When my experimentations did not proceed satisfactorily or I wanted to start over, I used IoBit Uninstaller to uninstall dBpoweramp and then I re-install the program with its settings back at factory defaults. I have completed most of my CD ripping process ripping my CDs to FLAC and will use Fakin' the Funk to check to make sure the files are OK, fake, or corrupted as well as making sure that certain of their audio properties are identical (e.g. FLAC format, 16-bit, 44.1 Hz).

While using Iobit Uninstaller to remove another program today, I noticed a message stating that Iobit could not uninstall the dBpoweramp Monkeys Audio Codec. I do not know if this message has been there during the previous uninstallations and re-installations of dBpoweramp. I have sampled a part of one of my songs, and the playback and audio quality seem fine, but like I said, I have already ripped most of my CD collection to FLAC.

My question is if dbPoweramp Monkeys Audio Codec was not removed during uninstallation, and I re-installed dBpoweramp and applied my desired rip settings, would this leftover file in any way or form impact the CD ripping process, audio quality of the file, or stability of the audio file?

Thanks for the assistance.